Adventures of a Space Bum (Finding Galium, #3)


Novel by Jon Batson

A girl is thrust into a galaxy-wide search for her father’s legacy, finding only questions. The man with the answers is an old friend named Galium, except that he is the most wanted man in the universe and he is missing. Starwort Bacchus and her crew must find him before the Central Government finds them and before the unknown forces they keep running into overwhelm them.


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Sample Chapter

Adventures of a Space Bum: Book 3 – Finding Galium
Sample Chapter

Still Flying

My stick came down hard aiming for Dagon’s head. His own stick rose to meet mine, stopping it in the air an inch before the target. Dagon was quick and swung his weapon wide around his head. I guessed at the trajectory and put mine in the way before the blow smashed my face.

Dagon watched my eyes. Was I giving my next move away? I swung my stick straight at the side of his head, the shortest route, but he was still ahead of me. A short, tight circle around his head brought his stick up to block the path of my own.

“Throng!” My stick shattered on Dagon’s, rendering it useless. The stroke took the boy soldier by surprise. He had been a fighter since he could crawl on a planet always at war. He was not used to losing, but more used to standing victorious over a fallen foe.
“That’s enough, you two. You’re scaring me.”

The voice from the galley was that of Chineel. Red haired and handsome, she was my first mate and handy in the galley, which was good because I was not. She was also a woman of the world; scaring her was not an easy task.
The fourth member of our crew is Flax, the ship’s computer. Though to say Flax is the ship’s computer is rather like saying the universe is big. Flax had long since outrun every advanced computer system there was. She made her own decisions and had her own opinions. Today, we all heard her opinion loud and clear.

“I was enjoying the contest. I believe Starwort is getting better at this. She almost had you, Dagon.”
“Well, my money’s on Dagon every time,” said Chineel.
“Still,” said Dagon, pausing to catch his breath. “It’s time for a break, or lunch, whatever will qualify. You had me on the run, Captain.”
“High praise indeed, from the most formidable soldier I know. Yes, time for a break.”

Flax’s holographic head, that of a comely woman about Chineel’s age, disappeared from the galley console. I knew it was visible on the bridge, watching the stars as they came toward us. Of course, she didn’t watch them. She was a holograph to make interface with the crew easier. Also the stars didn’t come toward us, we flew at them. Some were ancient suns burnt out millions of years earlier, their light just reaching us.

“Tell me why we’re going again?” queried Dagon as he settled in at the main galley table.
“Galium’s message is cryptic, but the coordinates are not, they point to Cecrops. We’re going to find him. Once I see he is all right, we can go where we please.”
“The usual precautions?”
“No, I don’t think so. Daedalus is not a Central Government outpost and the sister city of Icarus is a resort town. The most danger we’ll find is overspending and overeating.”

After lunch, I retired to the bridge, to my thinking zone. I remembered Galium: curt, wonderful Galium. The man I called the rude pirate of Sterope was one of my first and closest friends. We met after my escape from the girls academy on Khons. He accepted me immediately into his circle of friends and insisted everyone do the same. The only drawback was that he loved calling me “Little Wort.”

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