Murder at Thompson Bog


by Jon Batson

A collection of dark tales from the author of The Rands Conspiracy and Deadly Research. From a relentless summer night in New York City to the chilly mist over Thompson Bog, stories of dark and sinister intent.

In this book includes stories stories about: 
+  A scientist for Big Pharma sees more danger in his latest product than just the test results.
+ A man in a rut reaches for something – anything – to keep from being bored with life.
+ A killer waits for the right moment while old memories play upon him.
+ A local journalist for a small-town press follows a story that takes him into the private lives of people he thought he knew.
+  A small town in the mid-1950’s, headlights tear down two-lane blacktops and sirens whine in the night as a detective leads an investigation that could cost him his life.

If you can’t sleep….this won’t help.


Copyright © 2009 | Midnight Whistler Publishers

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