Adventures of a Space Bum: Starlost Child

Featured Raves & Reviews:

Adventures of a Space Bum is a rollicking good time, a yarn well spun.
– Mickey B.

Our heroine learns about love and betrayal, peace and war. We root and cheer for her at every dangerous turn of events. Jon Batson has spun another great tale with life’s wisdom invisibly sewn into the web!
– Micheal L. Nelson, Sci-Fi Author

Fascinating! I could not put this book down once I started reading it. I’ve not been a sci-fi fan, but this novel has changed me. Jon Batson has taken the problems we now face on earth, with the possible calamities they may cause our planet in years to come, and created an engaging beautifully, written story. His talent is amazing and reminds me of H.G. Wells.
– Anne Higgins Petz, Author

Adventures of a Space Bum: In Search of a Legacy

Featured Raves & Reviews:

I was excited to get to read this second book after reading the first one! It was a fun read that answered a lot of questions I had. I am looking forward to the third book!
– Mike M

Adventures of a Space Bum 2: In Search of a Legacy is a thoroughly enjoyable read packed with adventure and incident. This character-driven speculative sci-fi story is conveyed with a realism via characters whose personalities shine through.
– Jack V

I read lots of books of all different genres and this book is a great read!
– Christina Motley

Adventures of a Space Bum: Finding Galium

Featured Raves & Reviews:

Jon is not just a writer, but a storyteller. His gift is making you experience what his characters feel and see while he slings irony and witty asides that make others wonder why you’re laughing so hard. He looks close at the ordinary world and determines what extraordinary things a person can do given the right circumstances. The result is stories that can’t be put down.
-Alice O., Author & Editor

Colorful, engrossing and highly entertaining! Jon has produced an evocative collection of engaging characters whose lives unfold in amusing, tragic and often, unexpected ways that send the imagination gliding over each ones winding paths, hairpin curves and jarring potholes with the artistic finesse of a truly a truly masterful storyteller.
– Karen R., Poet & Author

Jon’s stories are contemporary yet reminiscent of an earlier time — O’Henry, Raymond Carver and Edgar Allen Poe come to mind.
– Steven E., Falls River Books

Your characters in these creative adventures come alive with the action and clean concise writing keep the tales moving at a fun pace!
– J.K., Writer & Illustrator

A good book is one you think about all day and wonder what is happening with the characters, cannot wait to get back to them and hope you haven’t missed much while you’re away.  I found myself emotionally connected all the way through as the stories unfold.
– Susan H., Avid Reader

Adventures of a Space Bum: The Palace Guard

Featured Raves & Reviews:

I love the fast pace. Great thought-provoking writing, exciting, exhilarating, and great style and flow. Thank you for your genius.
– Nancy Long, Harmony Farms

I’ve been a fan since Mars Quake. Batson’s writing style flows with ease and the story is skillfully laid out, allowing the reader to gradually bond with the characters. This book is a delightful find for not only sci-fi enthusiasts, but for any reader looking for a very unique tale.
– Sandra Carrington-Smith, Author

This was a refreshing and entertaining book. Children and young adults will become fans of this unique series I am neither, and I am a fan.
– Miranda, Avid Reader

A very enjoyable read. Batson weaves character, action and plot seamlessly.  Put down your X-box and pick up this book.
– Steven Gary Schlussel, World-class Entertainer

Some series lose their momentum over time, but not Adventures of a Space Bum. It keeps getting better and better with each book. Besides having the most lovable space pirates since the TV series ‘Firefly,’ Starwort’s adventures are filled with laughter, drama, mayhem and even a bit of romance! I must admit, I felt a touch of melancholy when book IV came to an end, because I was not ready to stop reading.
– Robin Walls, Fan

Tyrannical governments, the eternal quest for freedom from such, treachery, holograms and sentient space ships, heroes and villains and believable characters are all here. Jon Batson is a wordsmith who weaves an interplanetary adventure injecting just the right amount of humor and insightful quips into the ‘human’ condition.
– Diann Haist, Artist

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